Be Smart, be Urban

The ultimate generation of smart masks: comfort, protection, performance and sustainability against pollution, pollens, virus and bacteria.

Protect yourself like the Olympic champions

Discover our FFP2 based on the face masks used by the italian olympic team during Tokyo 2020.

Protect your breath at its best


Designed for your urban commute. Protect yourself from pollens, virus and bacteria with the highest comfort and style. Long-lasting replaceable filters, sustainability and design.


Premium quality certified masks manufactured in collaboration with BLS. Practical and lightweight, designed in every detail to protect you in every situation.


Active Shield: the innovation is here

Discover the revolutionary IoT device with active ventilation that makes your Urban Mask smart and allows you to monitor your breathing performance.

Connected with Narvalo App

Change the way you think about a face mask: connected with your smartphone, comfortable and with a real time air quality tracker.
For your urban commute

Breathe fresh air in the city. Protect yourself from smog and pollens during your commutes with your bicycle, bike or scooter.

While doing sports

Protect your lungs during exercise while maintaining the best breathing performance. Work out worry-free at the gym, and breathe around the city without exposing yourself from pollution.

Stand out with style

Choosing Narvalo means identifying yourself in the best design with a unique and innovative style. Be different, become a Narvalo.

Started from the Politecnico di Milano and now we're Red Dot Design Awards winners

About us

Urban Mask di Narvalo: una boccata di aria smart

Narvalo Urban Active, la mascherina smart made in Italy

La mascherina fatta apposta per chi corre

Discover the Ultimate Breathing Experience

Formidabile contro i virus ma anche contro l’inquinamento

A mask that filters over 99% of pollutants

Narvalo tiene insieme alte qualità filtranti, pari a una FFP3

Progettata per proteggere dall'inquinamento