Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award 2023

BLS Zer0 32 Active

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Smart protection for your breathing health

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Patented technology to give you maximum comfort

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Technology and innovation at the service of industry

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An innovative startup born from the meeting between university and business

What air do you breathe?

Information is the first step in making decisions
and take preventative measures to protect
yourself and your loved ones from air pollution.

We've created a tool to help you.

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I benefici della Urban Active Mask

Your urban shield

A shield that accompanies you during all your urban journeys, guaranteeing maximum protection from smog, pollution, pollen and viruses

A breath of fresh air

Thanks to the IoT air extraction fan, you will feel like you are wearing nothing. Let yourself be overwhelmed by an incredible breathing experience

Tune your breathing

An ecosystem that allows you to know your breathing, a fundamental indicator of your health, in everyday life or during physical activity

Breathe the Air of Change

Narvalo Active Shield

The latest frontier of IoT respiratory protection
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Electronic fan

Extraction of heat, humidity and CO2 for free but protected breathing

Smart sensors

The Active Shield connects to the Narvalo App via Bluetooth. Thanks to sophisticated sensors, the device is able to detect your breathing rate and adapt the fan speed to your breathing

Air quality monitoring

Check the levels of pollution and particulates around you

Breath frequency

Keep your breathing under control during training routes

"NARVALO – BE PART OF THE CHANGE is another short promo video worthy of being in our best commercial videos list"
- Design Rush

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It is important to support those who work on this technology that helps protect health.


The thing I appreciate most is the fact that they are reusable and therefore no unnecessary waste is produced.


Excellent with glasses that don't fog up. You breathe better than with a normal ffp2.


The quality of the filter seems great and covers well. You can breathe well. The materials are of quality.


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