Active Shield

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The new electronic and smart valve for your Urban Mask:

  • Adaptive ventilation system
  • Smart extraction of humidity, heat, and CO2 
  • Breathing frequency sensors
  • Bluetooth connection with your Narvalo App
  • 8 hours autonomy 

Compatible exclusively with Narvalo Urban Mask (buy it separately)

      Active ventilation, connected with your Smartphone

      Optimized ventilation system

      A smart fan that constantly optimizes airflow inside your mask, reducing the buildup of carbon dioxide, moisture and heat. An incredible fresh sensation, you'll feel like you're not wearing your mask.

      Connected with Narvalo APP

      Thanks to the latest generation of sensors technology and bluetooth integration, your Urban Mask communicates with your Smartphone providing you with health indicators such as breathing frequency based on your activities and pollutants filtered during your urban commute.

      A brand new breathing experience

      Breathe fresh and clean air

      An incredibly fresh sensation. A continuous airflow inside the mask, filtered by FFP3 filters. You'll feel like you're not wearing a mask, and you're protected from smog, pollen, viruses, and bacteria

      Track your breath

      Active Shield measures your breathing frequency, an essential indicator to monitor the health of your breathing. Listen to your own breathe and compare your performance over time while exercising.

      Designed for your every urban commute

      Up to 8 hours of battery life

      Active Shield is rechargeable via USB cable and the battery lasts up to 8 hours. Perfect for more than a day of urban commuting and also for long bike journeys. The residual battery life can always be monitored on your smartphone.

      Adaptive speed ventilation

      Set your fan speed manually or choose the automatic mode that adjusts to your breathing rate to extract moisture, heat and CO2

      Say goodbye to foggy glasses

      Thanks to the adjustable Face-Fit and the nose clip, you can perfectly fit your Urban Mask with Active Shield to your face to ensure the best protection and prevent your glasses from fogging up.

      Antibacterial seal prevents skin irritation caused by prolonged use of the mask.

      Connected to your breath

      With the Narvalo App you can control your breath and monitor its quality.
      Available on Google Play and the AppStore.

      Manage your mask and check the air quality during your urban commuting.

      Your mask will become smart with the Narvalo APP.

      • Register your movements and control your journey
      • Verify the air pollution levels around you
      • Manage the usage of your rechargeable filters

      With the electronic valve Active Shield you can:

      • Adjust the fan’s speed
      • Measure your breathing frequency 
      • Monitor the battery level

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