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Focus | Sport in contesto urbano

Focus | Sport in the urban context

Protecting the respiratory tract is essential for those who practise outdoor sports, especially in urban areas. By adopting a few simple strategies, you can significantly reduce the risks associate...

Focus | Immunodepressione

Focus | Immunodepression

Protecting the respiratory tract is vital for immunocompromised individuals. Taking preventive measures, such as wearing masks and adopting a healthy lifestyle, can make a big difference in quality...

Focus | Mobilità urbana

Focus | Urban mobility

In recent years, urban mobility has become a central theme for many cities around the world to improve the quality of life of citizens, always guaranteeing maximum protection during travel.

Frequenza respiratoria: con che ritmo respiriamo?

Respiratory rate: at what frequency do we breathe?

Respiratory rate is an essential element of human life: by monitoring it and learning to control it it is possible to improve the quality of our daily life.

New Product Innovation Award 2023 di Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award 2023

Frost & Sullivan is a Growth Pipeline Company™ with over 60 years of experience that assists organizations of all types and sizes on 6 continents to drive growth through best practice validatio...

Narvalo e UBM per il benessere in ambito urbano

Narvalo and UBM for urban wellness

Narvalo, which makes health and safety at work objectives of its mission, through its collaboration with Urban Bike Messengers, aims to ensure total protection of couriers during deliveries in Milan.