Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award 2023

New Product Innovation Award 2023 di Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a Growth Pipeline Company™ with over 60 years of experience that assists organizations of all types and sizes on 6 continents to drive growth through best practice validation.

Frost & Sullivan's New Product Innovation Award recognizes a company that delivers a new product or solution that uniquely addresses key customer challenges.

For the award, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluate the products using the following criteria:



FFP2 and FFP3 industrial respirators, while effective, create several problems for the wearer.  End-users often face respiratory discomfort due to an inadequate fit. Poorly fitting masks and trapped exhaled air produce heat and moisture, resulting in breathing resistance, fatigue, and reduced work efficiency. In addition, it can be difficult for end users to determine when filters are clogged, which can compromise protection.


In the face of these challenges, Frost & Sullivan recognizes how an IoT-based valve could revolutionize single-use respirators.

In 2022, BLS Group and Narvalo, a startup and spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, launched the BLS Zer0 32 Active series FFP3 mask, a series of disposable respirators equipped with the Narvalo Active Shield valve, a removable, reusable IoT-enabled exhalation device that offers comfortable breathing and reduced heat and humidity.

The added value of increased comfort is the first objective; in addition, an application is being developed that integrates the comfort provided by the valve with a valuable function: the app, connected to the AS via BT technology, is able to track the use of the disposable mask during the work shift. This function has been designed to support Safety Managers who, according to European Regulation 2016/425, are called upon to control and keep track of the PPE in use.


"BLS Group's ZerO 32 Active series FFP3 respirator features a removable, smart Narvalo Active Shield valve. The respirator offers the benefits of bothe disposable and non-disposable half-faced masks for protection against dust • particles. Since studies demonstrate that wearer comfort is a major factor for enhanced compliance, the Zer032 Active series FFP3 is designed for wearer comfort and will aid in enhanced compliance amongst workers."

-  ⁠Ruchira Yadav

Senior Research Analyst 

The innovative, technology-equipped single-use respirator is one of a kind, and as of 2023, Frost & Sullivan's research confirms that no other competitor will offer a similar product.

The Zer0 32 Active series FFP3 respirator with Narvalo Active Shield valve represents a major leap in quality in the respiratory protective equipment market due to its increased comfort, breathability, fit and safety for the end user. This innovative solution, which combines technology with single-use respirators, demonstrates the company's dedication to research and development, which is also evident in its collaborations with academia. The company's strong focus on sustainability improves brand acceptance and increases brand equity, strengthening its position as a key player in the industry. 

Thanks to its excellent overall performance, the BLS Zer0 32 Active wins the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award 2023 in the field of respiratory PPE.


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