Narvalo and UBM for urban wellness

Narvalo e UBM per il benessere in ambito urbano

Narvalo x Urban Bike Messengers: well-being and safe breathing in urban environments

Narvalo is pleased to announce a significant new partnership with Urban Bike Messengers, a significant step towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

Narvalo, a start-up specialising in the production of smart PPE, places the health and safety of breathing, including at work, as a focal point of its mission. The collaboration with Urban Bike Messengers intends to guarantee total protection of messengers from urban pollutants while working (an FFP3 protection that reduces inhaled pollutants by 99%).
A necessary shield to defend oneself from one of the worst invisible enemies, a way of demonstrating care for oneself and others, a small sacrifice in terms of breathing, made easier by the Active system, which can bring important long-term benefits.

Since 2008, Urban Bike Messengers has been the first bike courier company in Italy, specialising in zero impact cargo bike deliveries. The company is committed to a fast, professional and sustainable service. In addition to deliveries, it seeks partnerships with companies that share its values, proposing innovative solutions to protect employees during deliveries. Urban Bike Messengers promotes liveability in Milan as an added value, not only to be talked about but also as a respect for future generations.


Our companies share core values of sustainability, innovation and reliability. We believe that addressing the challenges of our time requires a joint commitment to creating solutions that go beyond expectations, inspiring change and improving the lives of those around us while creating awareness.

We are convinced that this collaboration will provide a more comfortable and protected delivery experience, raising awareness on the issue of respiratory protection in an urban context and the need to protect Urban Bikers from the risks caused by air pollution, a particularly relevant problem in cities like Milan.

Air pollution is the main environmental health risk worldwide and a major cause of environmental degradation and premature death. It is therefore crucial to tackle air pollution while finding sustainable ways to cope with the pressures of economic activity.

Milan is currently in the top five of cities where the limits set by the World Health Organisation on the concentration of particulate matter are most frequently exceeded.

This is why we are keen to offer professional Bike Couriers a necessary shield for travelling around the city, especially at peak times, and at the same time to promote UBM's mission of providing a zero-impact service to reduce the impact on the environment around us as much as possible.


The Bike Couriers will therefore be equipped with our Urban Active that adapts to the courier's breathing frequency, ensuring a comfortable breathing experience that alleviates the physical exertion required to transport bulky or heavy packages.

The Active Shield will provide comfortable, technological protection that will monitor air quality during delivery operations as well as keep respiratory performance in check. Narvalo is in fact the only device that can detect respiratory rate non-invasively.


We are excited to cultivate this new chapter together and to create a future where safety and sustainability merge with innovation.

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