The principles of urban sustainability

I principi della sostenibilità urbana

Urban sustainability is a true process aimed at human and environmental well-being.

In recent decades, sustainability has increasingly made its way into the daily lives of every citizen. Many are paying more and more attention to the sustainable consumption of products and services.

At the centre of interest are the questions:

- how
- by whom
- with what resources
- with what commitment

can urban development processes be designed sustainably?

Sustainability means economic, social and ecological sustainability of urban development.

Is it possible to use and optimise technological resources for urban sustainability?

Narvalo with its Air of Change philosophy is trying to integrate new technology by adapting it to people and their living conditions.

Starting from a community that wants to improve its individual responsibility as a tool to improve the collective vision, aimed at respect for social and technical infrastructures.

Narvalo's first model, Urban Mask, is a smart mask that you can use together with an app to allow you to simultaneously monitor air quality (the system allows you to detect the level of protection from PM in the air during your journey) and filter autonomy (with eco-friendly solutions).

The mask consists of an exhalation valve, a 3D fabric cover, an interchangeable filter and a convenient closure.

Urban Mask allows a reduced accumulation of heat and moisture, ensuring optimised wearability and improved respiratory performance.

You will thus be able to make the most of the mask's comfort in urban locations: running in parks or along the street, inside shops, at workplaces and walking around your city.

Respect for the urban community and economic and social sustainability
are the pillars of the study that led to the realisation of the first Narvalo model and that we will always pursue in the development of our products.

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