How to wear our masks

Come indossare le nostre mascherine

Over the last month we have shipped all orders from the first pre-order campaign on July 6th and we are preparing to ship all orders from those who purchased from July 17th by September 30th.

We wanted to take this opportunity to give you some advice to make the most of the comfort of our masks depending on the different modes of use and thus guaranteeing better respiratory performance.

  • Bring the mask over your face by folding the bands outwards.
  • Pass the Urban headband over your head and place it at the back of your neck, passing it under your ears.
  • Adjust the urban band until you feel the mask snug on your face.
  • Pass the active headband over your head and place it on your head, passing it over your ears.
  • Adjust the active band for greater fit and comfort.
  • Adjust the fit by adjusting the nose clip if necessary.

Steps for those who have glasses:

  • Put on your glasses first (this ensures that the correct focal correction is maintained)
  • Position the mask without excessive pressure on the glasses, finding the most comfortable position and adjusting the nose pad to optimize the fitting
  • When using with glasses we recommend connecting both straps correctly to avoid excessive support on the nose (which occurs when the mask is worn poorly and is too tight underneath).

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bella, confortevole sul viso ma sopratutto sicura . Grande Narvalo Complimenti a tutti Voi.

IOra spero di riuscire ad acquistare i filtri appena torneranno disponibili !!

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