The versatility of the Urban Style

La versatilità dello stile Urban

Urban fashion

The inclination to follow fashion, dictated by the city, is summarised under the term 'urban style'. However, certain types of casual clothing with an urban and youthful appearance are referred to in English as 'streetwear style' for urban street wear. There are many other meanings that start with the term 'Urban style' and then differentiate as skate clothing, sportswear. These lists of urban style terms do not claim to be complete. Every day there is an opportunity to expand the terms for a phenomenon like urban style.
Just as this fashion continues to evolve, so do the names for a certain style, as forms of communication in certain areas of society. A fixed, static and very precise definition of 'urban style' is therefore virtually impossible.

A style in constant movement

It is known that real fashion is made on the street, the latter becoming a real stage where clothes and accessories have to adapt to the conditions of the place. Style becomes a unique attitude to life towards freedom and tolerance. A philosophy that Narvalo embraces believing in sharing values and building a community, mobile in behaviour and sharing.

Narvalo offers a casual look with the six masks in different colours combined with two bands to ensure better wearability according to your occasions.

The six colours from the first collection:

  • Metal Grey
  • Spicy Mustard
  • Icy Mint
  • Snowy Hill
  • Blue Iceberg
  • Tuscan Red Wine
allow you to constantly feel comfortable with your outfit within your city. Your personality has now found its expression and shows itself with confidence and conviction on the stage of your city.

And you, which style do you prefer for your Urban Mask?

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ne vorrei 1 blu e 1 nera per mio marito
da spedire in Svizzera



I colori a me più consoni sono Tuscan red wine e Blue Iceberg
Sarebbe interessante anche una combinazione di rosso con fucsia

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