How to protect yourself from pollen and allergies

Come difendersi da pollini ed allergie

The pollen that forms in the stamens of flowers and plants is very small, almost invisible to the naked eye. Its dimensions are between 10 and 200 µm.

Pollen allergy, it is estimated that it affects more than 20% of the Italian population , causes various problems with the respiratory system (blocked nose, sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing and, in the most serious cases, even asthma) and irritation to the eyes (itching, burning, tearing, sensitivity to light).

Our body's defense reaction depends on the type of plant, the concentration of pollen in the air, the type of contact and the state of health of the person concerned.


Some simple behaviors to prevent pollen allergies

It is possible to follow some indications in order to obtain the best possible protection from pollen.

  • Protect your mouth and nose
  • Wear tight-fitting sunglasses
  • Take off your shoes at the door or leave them outside the house
  • After spending time outdoors, wash your hair
  • Do not immediately bring clothing from outside into the living area
  • Do not dust the furniture, but clean it with a damp cloth
  • Do not hang laundry outside to dry
  • Air the rooms of your home in the morning rather than in the evening


The importance of air filtration

Narvalo will never be able to help you with all the preventive measures to adopt to protect yourself from pollen and allergies, but it can certainly be your ideal ally for protecting your mouth and nose , especially during your travels .

Narvalo is configured as a high-tech product intended for the entire community. Its objective is the person's health by safeguarding them not only from pollen and allergies but also from pollution, viruses and bacteria, giving you back the pleasure of walking in the open air or playing sports in complete safety .

All this is possible thanks to its five layers , which filter 99.9% of harmful agents.

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