Classification of protection: the importance of the filtration technology

Classi di protezione: l'importanza della tecnologia di filtrazione

The health emergency linked to the coronavirus has raised the entire population's awareness of filtration technology in record time.

Just look at Google trends : throughout Italy since February the entire population has been informed about masks and related protection standards, with a peak on March 10th.


Protection standards

But let's clarify this issue for a moment.

There are 3 main filtration standards that progressively protect your breath from external elements. The main indicators that are used in the certification of standards are:

  • The filtration capacity , i.e. the ability to filter particles with dimensions up to 0.6 μm
  • The total loss , i.e. the ability to adapt to the anatomy of the face (nose, cheeks, chin) avoiding dispersions

Depending on the specific characteristics, the masks are therefore divided into 3 protection classes Filtering Face Piece (aka FFP ):

  • FFP1 : minimum filtration of 78% of particles, maximum total loss of 25%
  • FFP2 : minimum filtration of 92% of particles, maximum total loss of 11%
  • FFP3 : minimum filtration of 98% of particles, maximum total loss of 5%


Narvalo's protection standards

The Narvalo Urban Mask rechargeable filters protect your breath with the best standard, higher than FFP3 , and thanks to the two-year study on the best ergonomics and practicality of use they contain an original protective gasket which guarantees the best usability with the least leakage total


Filtration technology superior to FFP3

The external part of the Narwhal filter is composed of filter 5 layers , capable of filter 99.9% of pollutants, viruses, bacteria, dust and odors, thanks to the layer Activated carbon

reload narwhal ffp3


Face Fit gasket to avoid air leaks

The internal part of the Narvalo filter contains a special seal that minimizes the total loss resulting from the lack of adaptation to the anatomy of the face. The Face Fit gasket is unique in the mask industry in that it:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Water repellent

You can wash or sanitize the gasket, being very careful not to wet the internal part of the filter

ffp3 gasket



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