5 reasons to choose a rechargeable mask

5 motivi per scegliere una mascherina ricaricabile
Our society needs conscious and coherent behaviour.
A process of reducing disposable plastic products had begun.
Some commentators had called it the Greta effect: new generations become aware of their role in society and their impact.
The pandemic has forced us to take steps backwards: disposable masks and plastic gloves seemed like the only possible solution and in part, in the heart of the emergency, they were.

Narvalo is not like that, born before the pandemic for modern urban commuters it was already thought of as a responsible project that cares about your health and is attentive to environmental issues.
A Mobile Community that meets on social media, and acts socially.
With individual responsibility and collective vision.
In the places that are most congenial to her: the city, nature, the internet. Where he walks, runs, pedals, sails.
It moves by sharing awareness.

Why is using rechargeable masks, like Narvalo Urban Mask, the most eco-sustainable and responsible choice?

1 - Quality replaceable filters last longer
Narvalo offers a super protective mask with replaceable filters that last about a month. Just one filter per month instead of 30 disposable masks. A specially designed product that allows you to respect the environment by generating a lower environmental impact.

2 - Guarantees higher standards of protection
Our filters have been specifically designed and will be produced by BLS, a Milanese boutique company leader in the production of filters for industrial, healthcare and military use. We started from their best product, a reference standard in the professional market, and, with the contribution of company technicians, we created an advanced version, suited to the needs of urban consumers.
A band in contact with the skin with exclusive hypoallergenic and water-repellent material, an activated carbon layer which, in addition to designing, eliminates odors, an oversized and performing valve but above all a 3D fabric cover and two comfortable adjustable bands for an optimal fit , essential to be sure of your protection.

3 - Proposes a system for collecting the filters used with a view to the circular economy
The replacement filters will arrive directly at users' homes in convenient packs of 5 filters.
The package specifies how to return used filters.
Narvalo is working on a project for the recovery of filters at the end of their life with a view to the circular economy, reducing waste and maximizing the useful life of the materials.
The only commitment we ask of you is to send us the filters back to allow us to put our dream and vision into practice: all working together to improve the environment by creating awareness.

4 - It offers better technologies, and Narvalo also has an APP
Protecting yourself is important and doing so consciously provides greater guarantees. How much am I protecting myself? What am I protecting myself from? How is the status of my filter? are some of the answers you will find in our App. A connected, evolved and evolutionary product that will grow with you while respecting your needs. A product design that talks to the user, reminds you to use it and tells you when it needs maintenance. A unique and engaging user experience.

5 - If used continuously it costs less than a disposable solution and really protects
Narvalo offers a super protective mask with replaceable filters that lasts about a month with a higher protection capacity than standard P3s. All this for around 8 euros per month. Narvalo intends to place itself on the market as the only and most advanced Personal Protective Device to create and spread a mature culture of airway protection.
Compared to surgical masks, using a Narvalo reduces waste generation and protects at a lower cost than purchasing a surgical one per day. Just one filter instead of 30 surgical masks for a month of protection.
In relation to textile masks that do not protect against viruses or which, in the case of multilayer masks, have a low level of protection, Narvalo guarantees an extremely high protection coefficient with the maximum possible comfort for this type of device. The advantages are incomparable even compared to different plastic masks which filter only from certain areas. For correct and certified protection, a large filtering surface and performance filters are required. In this Narvalo offers the best solution on the market by combining a very high level of protection with easier breathing thanks also to the special valve developed specifically to improve comfort and evacuate internal heat and humidity.
With this, however, we do not want to say that Narvalo is a selfish mask because it is not because, in each package of Narvalo, there is a special COVID cap that allows you to "close" the valve. The user will decide when to breathe better, also in relation to obligations in some conditions, by opening the valve and when to close the valve.

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Umberto Manenti

Umberto Manenti

Complimenti per il progetto veramente smart e lungimirante. Ormai i Protective Devices stanno diventando un capo di abbigliamento di routine come lo sono gli occhiali da sole, da vista e le scarpe tecniche. Per quel che mi riguarda personalmente,poi, non avendo io un volto esteticamente attraente, con una bella Narvalo mask e un bel paio di occhiali mi sentirei veramente a mio agio ovunque ( considerando anche la mia professione di medico di medicina generale)



sono interessato per la mia azienda a prenderne una decina almeno, si possono personalizzare ?
e per quanto riguarda l’app come fa a sapere in che situazione è il filtro? deve essere ricaricata?

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