Listen to the quality of your breath and improve your life

Ascolta la qualità del tuo respiro e migliora la tua vita

2020 taught us how important and central the quality of the environment around us is in our lives. Learning to focus on our body, our mind, listen to ourselves and protect ourselves can have significant impacts on our health and well-being.

Breathing has always been an essential element of this balance . It is no coincidence that multiple studies have always been developed on the topic which have led to the creation of various tools such as breathing techniques , in some cases real healing therapies capable of improving the quality of life. Not only that, the study of breathing wellbeing has always been characterized by the search for protective elements , to protect us from possible threats from the external environment.


Breathing techniques

The breath. A beat, a rhythm , one of the few activities of our body that we carry out unconsciously and that we can control, listen to, improve if we want.

It is no coincidence that since ancient times, breathing techniques for maintaining good health have been known throughout the East . One of the most famous examples is Bhastrika Pranayama , a yoga breathing exercise that can be performed:

  • inhaling deeply through the nostrils
  • listening to the downward movement of the diaphragm
  • expanding the lungs
  • expanding the chest going up to the collarbones

In addition to yoga techniques, which are always current and massively practiced, breathing techniques are practiced regularly in sport and constantly at the center of fitness programs.

Even the digital application, which allows large-scale distribution, is increasingly common and appreciated by users. Often these solutions are simple Apps connected to IoT elements . For example, who doesn't know the Apple Breathing app, available on the Apple Watch? A truly integrated tool that best applies breathing techniques, to learn and understand your breathing, relax and concentrate on your body.

Protection from external elements

On its journey within our body, breath carries numerous foreign bodies such as airways through all the organs of the airways

  • polluting agents
  • virus
  • bacteria

Naturally, our body disposes of part of it through the upper airways, but not all of it and we must therefore take important precautions to avoid compromising our respiratory well-being .


The role of air filtration

In this context, air filtration is the essence of this process, where external elements such as air pollution and fine dust can compromise this balance

For this reason, a simple gesture such as wearing a mask equipped with microfiltration must not only mean protection, but bring your well-being and health back to the center of your world.

Conscious breathing

Let's listen to ourselves from within, always, and move towards conscious breathing .

A breathing that teaches us every day, that leads us to look inside ourselves and that makes us feel calm about everyday threats.

Because if we are breathing we are alive, and if we are alive we breathe well.

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