PolimiRun 2021: Narvalo protects athletes at sporting events

PolimiRun 2021: Narvalo protegge gli atleti delle manifestazioni sportive

Finally in-person events are becoming part of our lives again: a progressive return to normality which however always requires great attention and safety .

Among these there are also the running events that have been held and will take place throughout Italy such as the Deejay Ten held in July in Lignano Sabbiadoro or the Strawoman which will be held in October in Milan.
All these competitions have several factors in common: fun , sport and above all the protection of the health of the participants ; among the main rules to be respected to take part in these events and guarantee safety are the possession of the greenpass and the use of the mask which must be worn in the first 500 meters after the start of the race and when crossing the finish line.

The adidas PolimiRun Spring 2021 organized by the Polytechnic of Milan was held on Sunday 19 September 2021 in Milan: a 10 km competition for both athletes and amateurs, this year completely dedicated to sustainability and the culture of reuse . The competition saw a great participation despite the not particularly favorable weather conditions: 2300 runners took part in the race and almost 100,000 euros were raised to invest in projects on the campuses of the Polytechnic of Milan in order to make them increasingly eco-friendly .

Precisely in this September edition we decided to provide our BLS 512 Limited Editions within the kit delivered to all athletes of the competitive race in order to guarantee all participants the necessary protection to enjoy the event in complete safety.

The new Limited Edition FFP2 is inspired by those worn by the athletes of the Italian team during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ; thanks to their practical and comfortable vertical cut , they are able to adapt to different types of faces, they have very resistant neck straps that allow them to be worn for a long time without stressing the ear area and are the best solution for all those who wear glasses , to prevent them from fogging up.
Like all our products, they are certified PPE , a fundamental element for providing an efficient and quality product.

BLS 512 Narwhal Limited Edition

BLS 512 Narvalo Limited Edition, pack of 20 certified FFP2 masks, available on our e-commerce at the following link

We are very proud to have supported the athletes of the adidas PolimiRun Spring 2021 with the BLS 512 Narvalo Limited Edition , as a start-up born within the Polytechnic of Milan, being able to contribute to the creation of an in-person event with issues related to sustainability gives us hope for a change of direction both for a progressive return to normality and for raising awareness on an issue that we it's very close to my heart.

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Giovanni De Santis

Giovanni De Santis

…oserei dire iniziativa assolutamente da ripetere!Anzi spero di potervi partecipare visto che il 19 scorso non ho potuto per problemi lavorativi…ahimè…lavoro su turni anche alla domenica!!!Auspico si ripeta il connubio vincente Adidas&Narvalo perché sono legato ad entrambi per motivi differenti,ovviamente!Grazie per la qualità e la sicurezza che ci regalate!Giovanni

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