Narvalo and Niu allies in sustainability

Narvalo e Niu alleati nella sostenibilità

A great new partnership for Narvalo in the name of sustainable mobility: from today, by purchasing an electric vehicle from NIU at the NIU Stores participating in the initiative you can receive a free Narvalo Urban Mask!

This union arises from a common objective between our companies: to offer innovative and eco-friendly solutions to all urban commuters who breathe in the traffic of our cities every day.

Technology , freedom and style are among the key words of NIU that we at Narvalo share and follow every day in the research and development of our products; Helping to make the air in our cities cleaner is one of the pillars of our start-up and starting a partnership of this type allows us to protect more and more people who, like us, care about their own health and that of our planet .

NIU , founded in 2014, is today the main world supplier of strictly electric two-wheeled vehicles ; NIU motorcycles are not only environmentally friendly but also intelligent and convenient , created with the aim of revolutionizing urban mobility .

This objective is increasingly fundamental for our future as the situation in our cities has started to worsen again : after the slight improvement in air quality that occurred during 2020, in 2021 several Italian capitals have already exceeded the limits permitted by law fine dust present in the air.

The need for a radical change is also underlined by the changes in the maximum thresholds of polluting agents present in the air announced by the World Health Organization in September 2021: all the limits of harmful substances have been lowered and, if all states collaborated to respect them , as much as 80% of deaths caused by poor air quality could be saved.

This is why adopting sustainable travel solutions, such as one of NIU's means, by wearing a mask like the Urban Mask during urban travel, becomes increasingly necessary to protect ourselves and our cities .

But how can you take advantage of the promotion?

From October to December 2021 , by purchasing an electric vehicle at one of the NIU Stores participating in the initiative , you will receive a free Narvalo Urban Mask in a color of your choice. Choose the store closest to you:

For more information on all NIU electric vehicles, visit the NIU Store website by clicking here andhere to find out more about our Urban Mask .

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