Always protected on your motorbike, even from smog

In moto sempre protetti, anche dallo smog

Today " Narvalo Meets " returns, our column in which we tell you firsthand the stories of Urban Commuters who live the Narvalo experience.

We tell you the testimony of Gilda , journalist and co-founder of Wheelz Magazine , who has turned her great passion for motorbikes into her job.

We asked her to tell us about her travel experience with our Urban Mask and the Active Shield electronic valve

Here's how it went!

" For me, the motorbike is a passion , it's work , but it's also my faithful companion when traveling day by day. In short, I just can't do without it. Above all because, constantly living in a city like Milan, it allows me to be agile in urban jungle traffic.

Whether in the city or on gentle hilly curves, for me it is essential to always be protected from head to toe and, especially in the city , protection from smog and pollutants is fundamental. The motorbike brings to mind the idea of ​​freedom, of the wind in our faces and in our hair that makes us feel light and carefree... nothing could be more true, but when we travel along busy city streets the air we breathe permeates with invisible agents “enemies” of health .
This is precisely where the importance of an anti-pollution mask comes into play when traveling around town, even by motorbike or scooter, and the Narvalo Urban Mask has proven to be the essential accessory to make the most of daily commuting .
Not only beautiful, but also and above all practical. The design is essential but impactful : the breathable, washable and tear-proof 3D fabric case contains an interchangeable FFP3 R filter which guarantees maximum protection and, the presence of active carbons, makes the mask scented and helps to filter bad odors . It adheres well to the face without weighing it down and, thanks to the narrower shape on the side and wider at the front, it has a perfect fit under a jet helmet .
The adjustable elastic bands are thin and do not create discomfort under the helmet . The real gem of the Urban Mask, however, is the smart Active Shield electronic valve , which applied near the exhalation valve is able to detect the breathing frequency and, thanks to the adaptive speed extraction fan , allows the elimination of CO2, humidity and heat inside the mask, guaranteeing an incredible sensation of freshness . A very welcome feature, especially on hot days when the polluted air becomes even heavier.
 Finally, thanks to the Narvalo app which connects via Bluetooth to the Urban Mask it is possible to keep track of the quantity of pollutants that have not been inhaled during the journey, which can be recorded.
In short, on a motorbike or scooter, the Narvalo Urban Mask is an essential accessory for experiencing the city in total carefree and freedom, with total protection.

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