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Urban Mask

Narvalo Urban Mask filters 99% of pollutants, smog, viruses, bacteria, pollen and allergens that are present in the air. Furthermore it can filter out odors thanks to a layer of active carbon!

The Narvalo Urban Mask is equipped with a filtration technology capable of filtering 99% of pollutants, smog, viruses, bacteria, pollen, allergens and odors that are present in the air. Even though long term and in-depth studies regarding this invisible threat are limited, the Urban Mask can be considered as a device offering maximum protection.

Narvalo Mask is certified. We use products and materials from the high-end product segment of BLS, boutique company based in Milano with over 50 years of experience in the production of PPE for respiratory protection.

The NARVALO URBAN MASK masks are designed in collaboration with BLS and tested in the BLS and ITALCERT laboratories, obtaining values higher than a standard FFP3. As described in the page certifications , filtration and respiratory resistance tests were performed and a specific test (called fit-test) to validate the tightness on the face (FIT FACTOR> 100 for a FFP3).

To date we are the only certified PPE FFP3 mask available for the consumer market according to the EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard.

Regarding the duration of the filter, it has been estimated that every single filter, in optimal storage conditions and in normal use, guarantees protection for 30 days.

During normal daily use our filters provide guaranteed filtration for up to 1 month. We suggest you replace your filter every 30 days. IThe 90 hours information we provide on the Narvalo App is indicative of an average urban use

Yes! You can wash your textile cover as many times as you want, you can even buy a new color and replace it! Regarding the filter, follow the instructions on the page use and care and the FAQ above.

Yes you can! Of course a lot depends on your individual shape and overall dimensions of your face, but most of our test users did not report any problems. We suggest not to insert your glasses between the filter and your nose in order to not compromise your face fit. In the Use and care section you will find a few tips on how to wear your Urban Mask with glasses.

Yes! In our extensive user testing phase before launch our testers have not experienced any problems with their helmets. Our masks are compatible with all bicycle helmets and with jet-style and open motorcycle helmets. For full face helmets it depends on the mask model.

Currently the Narvalo Urban Mask has been studied for a perfect fit on adults and adolescents. We are working on a 'small' version suitable for kids.

Of course! Follow the instructions on the label inside the mask, on the leaflet which you can find inside the pack or you can find further information in the Use and Care section of our website!

Follow the instruction on the page Use and Care

Follow the instructions by clicking on the following link Use and Care

The cover does not need to be washed every day, washing is at the user's discretion based on where and how it is used.

The Narvalo App is available on Appstore and Google Playstore for free

No, you have to create a new account to register your Urban Mask

Connecting your Urban Mask to the Narvalo App is extremely easy, you just have to follow the passages in Use and Care section

With the Narvalo App you can verify in real time the air pollution levels around you, you can register your movements and control your journey and manage the usage of your rechargeable filters

BLS 502 Narvalo Limited Edition

Their filtering percentage is over 94%

To learn more visit Certifications

One box of BLS 502 Narvalo Limited Edition contains 20 disposable masks

Our FFP2 masks are certified for 8 hours of continuous use in heavily contaminated industrial environments, guaranteeing maximum protection for that duration.

As this is a certified non-reusable device, in order to ensure maximum protection we suggest replacing them every day; we also recommend following the instructions. The masks should be replaced if damaged or if you experience breathing fatigue

This mask easily fits various face shapes: thanks to the nose clip, the fitting is optimized in order to ensure excellent wearability and maximum compatibility with glasses

Active Shield

The Active Shield is a valve with an extraction fan that constantly optimizes airflow inside your mask, reducing the buildup of carbon dioxide, moisture and heat giving you an incredible fresh sensation

Of course, the Active Shield can be used with the Urban Masks

The battery lasts to up 8 hours*

* depending on usage time, fan speed setting and Bluetooth connection

Yes, Active Shield is rechargeable via USB cable

No, No, you must avoid it because it could compromise the electric components inside the Shield

Active Shield must not be exposed in any way to water or any kind of detergent; however, it is possible to sterilize it through UV light

Yes, thanks to the adjustable Face-Fit and the nose clip, you can perfectly fit your Urban Mask with Active Shield to your face to ensure the best protection and prevent your glasses from fogging up

The extraction fan inside the Active Shield has many different speeds:

- Automatic: regulated according to the user's breathing frequency measured by the sensors installed inside the Shield

- 3 pre-set speeds

- Manual: you can manually set a custom speed, i.e. chosen by the user

No, you’ll need to register the Active Shield on the Narvalo App as previously done for the Urban Mask. This will unlock all the additional features provided by Active Shield

With the Narvalo App you can: 

- Verify the air pollution levels around you

- Register your movements and control your journey 

- Manage the usage of your rechargeable filters

Furthermore, With the electronic valve Active Shield you can:

- Adjust the fan’s speed

- Measure your breathing frequency

- Visualize your breathing experience 

- Monitor the battery level