Narvalo Urban Mask filters 99.9% of pollutants, smog, viruses, bacteria, pollen and allergens that are present in the air. Furthermore it can filter out odors thanks to a layer of active carbon!

The Narvalo Urban Mask is equipped with a filtration technology capable of filtering 99.9% of pollutants, smog, viruses, bacteria, pollen, allergens and odors that are present in the air. Even though long term and in-depth studies regarding this invisible threat are limited, the Urban Mask can be considered as a device offering maximum protection.

Narvalo Mask is currently being certified. We use products and materials from the high-end product segment of BLS, boutique company based in Milano with over 50 years of experience in the production of PPE for respiratory protection.

Le maschere NARVALO URBAN MASK sono state progettate con BLS e testate nei laboratori BLS ed ITALCERT, ottenendo valori superiori a una FFP3 standard. Come descritto nella pagina certficazioni, sono stati eseguiti test di filtrazione e resistenza respiratoria e un test specifico (chiamato fit-test) per validare la tenuta sul volto (FIT FACTOR >100 per una FFP3). In campo industriale le aziende, prima di scegliere ed acquistare un modello/marca di mascherine, eseguono i fit-test sui propri operatori per testare la tenuta sul volto e garantire quindi la massima protezione, in base al livello di protezione richiesto.

Ad oggi siamo l'unica mascherina certificata DPI FFP3 disponibile per il mercato consumer secondo la nomrativa EN 149:2001+A1:2009.

Per quanto riguarda la durata del filtro è stato stimato, per ogni singolo filtro, un utilizzo di circa 100h in ambiente urbano (con filtro integro) equivalenti a circa 30 giorni.

BLS per le sue mascherine non dichiara la durata di un mese in quanto in campo industriale la concentrazione di inquinante nell’aria è estremamente più elevata, al di sopra del TLV (infatti è OBBLIGATORIO l’utilizzo di DPI) e l’operatore indossa la maschera per un intero turno di lavoro, quindi il filtro si satura molto più velocemente. In campo urbano, invece, si hanno percentuali molto inferiori, al di sotto del TLV (difatti NON è obbligatorio l’utilizzo di DPI) e l’utilizzo è molto meno intenso.

Use and Care

During normal daily use our filters provide guaranteed filtration for up to 1 month. We suggest you replace your filter every 30 days or 90/100 hours of use. In any case, we suggest you to not exceed 45 days of use for a single filter.

Yes! You can wash your textile cover as many times as you want, you can even buy a new color and replace it! Regarding the filter, follow the instructions on the page use and care and the FAQ above.

Yes you can! Of course a lot depends on your individual shape and overall dimensions of your face, but most of our test users did not report nay problems.We suggest not to insert your glasses between the filter and your nose in order to not compromise your face fit.

Yes! In our extensive user testing phase before launch our testers have not experienced any problems with their helmets. Our masks are compatible with all bicycle helmets and with jet-style and open motorcycle helmets. For full face helmets it depends on the mask model.

Currently the Narvalo Urban Mask has been studied for a perfect fit on adults and adolescents. We are working on a 'small' version suitable for kids.

There is no limit for using the mask. However we suggest to change the filter every month or every 90/100 hours of usage in order to be always protected

Of course! Follow the instructions on the label inside the mask, on the leaflet which you can find inside the pack or online !

Follow the instruction on the page Use and Care

Follow the instructions by clicking on the following link Use and Care

La cover non necessita di essere lavata tutti i giorni, il lavaggio è a discrezione dell'utente sulla base di dove e come viene utilizzata.


Starting mid-July you will be able to download our Narvalo App from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

Absolutely! Although in different versions and with Mask specific features, the app will also be available to those using the Urban Mask! But there is more: also people not using our masks can download the app and use it to monitor the air quality around them, and start to Breathe the Change!


Get ready! From the 6th to the 10th of July a limited amount of Masks will be available for sale with a 30% discount! Get your code by subscribing to the waiting list. Don't miss your chance, offer valid until stock is available!

No! When it will be available you can buy only the electronic upgrade, which you can easily mount on your Urban Mask.

For large quantity orders we suggest you to send us an email at sales@narvalo.design and insert BULK ORDER as the mail subject

At www.narvalo.design you can buy all our products including filter refills. For large quantity orders we suggest you to send an email to sales@narvalo.design and put as mail subject BULK ORDER

www.narvalo.design è un sito dedicato ai clienti consumer. Per gli acquisti attraverso questo canale non è possibile richiedere la fattura. Nella mail di conferma ordine troverete già un pdf scaricabile con la vostra ricevuta d'acquisto, riportante i vostri dati inseriti in fase d'acquisto. Non sarà possibile modificare la ricevuta successivamente.


Shipping starts the 15th of July. We would like to satisfy everyone as soon as possible, but requests are high! The first clients should receive their Urban Mask within a week, for following orders shipping times may vary. 

Absolutely, including Sicily and Sardinia!

Yes, for international shipments costs may vary depending on the country of destination. Furthermore, for non EU countries, all custom duties and other costs are at the responsibility of the client. By completing the checkout on our website you accept to pay these charges. In case your country is not included in our shipment policies we will let you know before any payment is collected!