Use and care

What is included with the mask

Your mask will be delivered inside our exclusive packaging together with:

  1. Exhalation Valve
  2. Textile cover
  3. Filter
  4. Locking Part
  5. Urban Strap
  6. Active Strap
  7. Carrying Bag
  8. Covid-19 Cap

Assembly Instructions

Now that you have discovered all the included components, it is time to put them together. Follow these simple steps and set up your mask:

  1. Insert the locking part (4) inside the Narvalo Filter (3) with the arrow pointing upwards
  2. Place the textile cover (2) at an angle on the filter and align the slots of the locking part, then rotate 25° to the right
  3. Place the Narvalo Shield (1) on the locking part slots
  4. Push down and rotate circa 30° to the right
  5. Attach the Urban Strap and\or the Active Strap to your mask and you are ready to go

How to wear

Your Urban Mask is now ready to be used.
Follow a couple of easy guides and suggestions to achieve the perfect fit:

  1. Attach the urban strap to the mask
  2. Place the mask on your face
  3. Find the perfect fit for your mask
  4. Adjust the nose clip if needed
  5. Tighten the band until the mask fits you perfectly

* Add the active band for increased stability (ex. workout and sports)

Replacing the filter

Narvalo offers a sustainable solution with filters having a duration of use of up to a month for regular usage. Reduce your waste footprint compared to disposable single-use masks, while still enjoying a filtering performance superior to the FFP3 standards.
After having used our filters, you can send us your saturated filters using the packaging of the refill filters. We will dispose these in a responsible manner by integrating them into a circular economy loop.

Buy filter refills

Care and Maintenance

The textile cover and straps are washable following these instructions: