Certification Urban Mask

Protection superior to standard FFP3

Narvalo Urban is a certified PPE (personal protective equipment) without derogations,it adopts a filtration system superior to the FFP3 standards. The effectivenessof the protection has been certified in accordance with the EN 149: 2001 + A1 /09 standard.


One filter, 5 layers of protection

All Narvalo filters are composed of 5 layers, capable of filtering 99% of pollutants, viruses, bacteria, dust, and odors, partly due to the activate carbon layer.


The Narvalo innovation

The exhalation valve has been designed to maximize airflow outwards, avoiding excessive accumulation of heat and humidity inside the mask. The Narvalo Urban Mask has been designed to achieve the best breathing comfort. We guarantee the maximum protection according to market standards being PPE FFP3 R, and a breathing resistance equal to an FFP1 type mask. Thanks to our collaboration with BLS we use high performance but lightweight materials, to protect you in a comfortable way.



Maximum comfort

The filter is equipped with:

  • a water-repellent outer shell, a feature that prolongs its useful life and allows it to be used even in the rain.
  • an internal band in contact with the skin, made from exclusive hypoallergenic and water-repellent material.


BLS Guarantee: The first Italian manufacturer of masks

BLS guarantees the mask filter system. The filter, in fact, is a customized an dadapted version of the company's best seller: the BLS Zero.



The Narvalo Urban Mask is PPE certified. Below, you can download the official certification, the declaration of conformity, and a report of the tests carried out in the BLS laboratories that certify the filtering capacity considerably higher than a FFP3 Standard with a respiratory resistance similar to an FFP1.


Declaration of conformity