Narvalo Urban Active wins the Red Dot Design Award!

Narvalo Urban Active vince il Red Dot Design Award!

We are proud to announce that our Narvalo Urban Active Mask has won the Red Dot Award : Product Design 2021!

This award is one of the most prestigious international design awards and was born in 1954 in Germany. Its purpose is to annually the quality of design projects from three different fields of the discipline: Product Design, Brand & Communication Design and Design Concept.The jury is composed of 50 international members represents the three categories who test and evaluate the various candidate projects individually.

This year, projects from more than 60 countries participated, which is one of the reasons we are so proud of our achievement!

"It's a dream come true!" says Ewoud Westerduin, Head of Design at Narvalo and creator of the Urban Mask. Narvalo Urban Active Mask started as a university project was developed as a master's thesis after which it materialized into the startup Narvalo. It has now become an award-winning design product. “I'm extremely proud of the accomplishment but it's only the beginning. We put in a lot of effort to achieve this great result that rewards our passion for product development.”

KickstartePreorderUrban Active Mask on Kickstarter

The Narvalo Urban Active and its innovative electronic Active Shield are currently available on the Kickstarter platform. By contributing to the campaign, you will be able to preorder to the shipments starting in July 2021.

The campaign ends on the 2nd of April and there are still a few days left to order them with Early Bird pricing. For those who already own a Narvalo Urban Mask, the compatible Active Shield can currently be ordered for € 99, while the complete kit of mask + Active Shield can be ordered from € 149 with reduced prices for multiple purchases.

Support ourcampaign, support the design and quality of our products

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