Narvalo Speaks to: ShapeMI

Narvalo Speaks to: ShapeMI

We at Narvalo firmly believe that it is important to create a network of people, a community moved by the desire to collaborate to achieve a common goal; a saying goes "union is strength" and we believe it!

Sharing advice, exchanging opinions and creating a dialogue are some of our main goals. Precisely for this reason we decided to create the column "Narvalo Speaks to": a moment of confrontation with partners, organizations and institutions that like us have strongly at heart the issue of air and that create solutions that can generate positive change.

We decided to start this column with the Global Shapers of the Milan group; this movement was born thanks to an initiative of the World Economic Forum and is composed of young people under 30, all volunteers, who collaborate to create projects on a local, national and global scale identified on the basis of the needs of the community in which they live; the ultimate goal is to set in motion ad hoc solutions and be able to involve the community in the program.

In particular, Ewoud Westerduin Co-founder e Head of design of Narvalo chatted with Silvia and Alessia, from the Milan Hub and the ShapeMI project which, in this second edition, focused on the theme of air: starting from an analysis of citizens' needs, a series of solutions were created with the aim of improving urban air quality.

It has been a pleasure to support this initiative full of innovative proposals and visions, able to generate new awareness on key issues for change in urban areas and beyond: new forms of energy supply, new ways to involve, inform and activate citizens from food supplies to pollution. A bottom-up process that involved creative and competent young people, a proactive vision that testifies to the air of change of which they are capable and that we proudly promote.To learn more about this project and the great work of the Global Shapers Community, don't miss the interview.


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