Narvalo at EICMA 2021

Narvalo all’EICMA 2021

Riding a motorbike for many is a passion , for others a need : moving around the city during rush hours with a vehicle of this type allows you to save a lot of time and avoid traffic jams.

Whatever the reason that leads to using two-wheeled vehicles, it is necessary to protect yourself properly with all the accessories necessary to guarantee maximum safety but, often, we forget the importance of protecting the respiratory tract , which is also exposed to serious dangers: the invisible enemies that hide in the air we breathe.

We at Narvalo know this well, unfortunately the air quality continues to worsen in our peninsula and this especially concerns the large cities in which human activities and the shape of the places favor a large accumulation of pollutants to which we end up being exposed every day .

Furthermore, with the arrival of the cold season , poor air quality becomes an even more serious problem : the freezing of temperatures leads many people to travel by car and this increases daily pollution levels : according to a Report of 2019 Ispra, road transport constitutes the main cause of NOx emissions for 46%; in the Po Valley they reach up to 50% and, in the city of Milan, the maximum peak is 70%.

Even the use of heating only worsens the quality of the air around us: according to the report "A strategy for the decarbonisation of building heating systems in Italy" published in April 2021 by Elements and created for Legambiente and Kyoto Club, the heating of houses and apartments plays a fundamental role in the emission of polluting agents, contributing to their worsening: it alone is responsible for 64% of the quantity of PM2.5, 53% of PM10 and 60% of CO emitted into the air of our cities in 2018, especially in the large cities of the Centre-North.

Raising awareness about this type of problem , which is still often underestimated today, is one of our objectives here in Narvalo, which is why we are so happy to inform you that this year you can find us at EICMA 2021 ! We will have the opportunity to meet some companies with which we have collaborated, discover new examples of sustainable mobility and exhibit our Urban Masks and the Active Shield valve.

So come and visit us from 25 to 28 November at EICMA : you will find us in pavilion 18P at stand I92 . We will be delighted to show you all the features of our products and let you get to know the reality of our young start-up more closely!

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