Why Narvalo

Narvalo is a vision. A project. A new story, to be written together.

The Narvalo, or Narwhal in English, is an ancient cetacean, it has fuelled mythical stories linked to its unicorn, which some now believe to be an antenna capable of orienting itself in the environment, probably by interpreting marine salinity. Having sensitive and protective antennae is now more necessary than ever, in an environment that is losing its natural qualities such as its systemic balance. From today, you are part of a community moving towards a better world. To change it, start with changing your own behaviour, sharing awareness and being recognised.

The Vision

Narvalo is a project that aims to reach far

Walking, cycling and running together with the protagonists of a new urban mobility: the Narvalo. With them, it brings new air into daily life.

Narvalo is Air of Change, as it states in its communication, based on sharing values and building a community, mobile in its behaviour and beliefs. A Mobile Community that meets on social networks and acts in the social sphere. With individual responsibility and collective vision. In the places that are most congenial to it: the city, nature, the web. Where it walks, runs, pedals, surfs. A community that moves towards a better world. To change it, starting from the change of its own behaviour.

It moves by sharing awareness. Because every Narvalo's has its own sensitive antenna: an app for monitoring environmental conditions and air quality.

It moves by changing its mobility behaviour. Because every Narvalo's can wear its Narvalo Mask when moving. It moves by being recognised.

Because each Narvalo Mask testifies to a new focus: on oneself and on the community. A sign of belonging to the Narvalo community   

The Mission

The Narvalo project has a symbol of recognition: the Narvalo PRO-tection Mask.

Narvalo Mask is a protective mask with a filtering capacity higher than a standard FFP3 and there is more: Superfiltration 99% thanks to the BLS filter, Design and production made in Italy, 3D fabric, Enhanced exhalation, Filter replacement notice, and a Dedicated app.

Plus: a mask that calls for change. It is part and parcel of a movement of individuals changing their behaviour to change the environment. Additionally, it is a mask that can be  connected. Because, in its IoT version, it communicates with an App that can simultaneously monitor the person wearing it and the environment surrounding them at that moment. Building a connected ecosystem.  

What's more, it's a mask that evolves because it is part of a wider project: Narvalo.
A project born out of the collaboration between universities and industry and based on a circular and sustainable business model.