Filtration technology

5 layers of protection

Every Narvalo filter is composed of 5 layers, capable of filtering 99,9% of pollutants, viruses, bacteria, pollens, allergens and odors thanks to a layer of active carbon.

5 strati di protezione

Protection superior to the FFP3 standard

NARVALO uses a filter system with superior level of filtration compared to the FFP3 standard.

The efficacy of the filter has been tested according to the norm EN 149:2001+A1/09.

PRO-tection Mask


Narvalo Exhalation Valve

The exhalation valve in the shield has been studied to maximize outgoing airflow, in order to reduce the accumulation of heat and humidity inside the mask.

Maximum Comfort

The filter has:

  • a water repellent outer layer, extending its duration of use, also in the rain
  • an internal face fit composed of a water repellent and antibacterial fabric in contact with your skin.


BLS guarantee: italian leader in the production of respiratory protection devices

BLS guarantee on the filters used by the Narvalo Masks. In fact, we are using a custom version of the BLS Zer0 premium lineup, equipped with patented nanofiltration technology.




Narvalo Urban Mask is currently undergoing testing and certification, below you can access the preliminary testing report showing the results from tests performed at the BLS testing lab. It shows our filtration efficacy superior to the FFP3 standard, combined with a breathing resistance inferior to the FFP1 standard (which means you breath easily with maximum protection!)